The ShopKeep POS System

Harness the power of the ShopKeep POS System’s efficient tools to empower your business and foster growth.

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38% of new business owners make the wrong choice when selecting a POS for their startup.

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ShopKeep POS System

Take control of your business with the ShopKeep POS System’s efficient tools and grow.

What’s Included With the Clover Station?

Clover Station Pro

ShopKeep’s POS Station Equipped With WiFi/3G Capabilities

  • 1
    Streamline operations with the ShopKeep Station for inventory, timesheets, reports, and more.

  • 2
    Effortlessly scan, take orders, process transactions, and print receipts with the portable and convenient Clover device.

  • 3
    Effortlessly accept all payment types, including contactless and EMV chip payments, with the compact Clover MINI device.

All ShopKeep Peripherals

Dymo Printer
Weight Scale
Card Reader

Kitchen Printer

Cash Drawer

ShopKeep POS Software

About ShopKeep POS Station

Maximize your business potential and fuel growth with the efficient tools of the ShopKeep POS System.

  • Efficiently handle orders and transactions with the user-friendly system for quick processing.

  • Ensure customers’ peace of mind with secure and up-to-date encryption for all transactions.

  • Retrieve data anytime and from anywhere with seamless access to the cloud.

  • Unify hardware for the ultimate POS experience.

  • Continue working offline during internet outages for uninterrupted productivity.

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Clover Station

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