The Bevo POS

Bevo POS is the ultimate solution designed specifically for restaurants.

Bevo POS

Bevo POS is the ultimate solution that’s built for the restaurant industry

Designed for restaurants in every niche.

Bistros and Other Restaurants

Rely on Bevo’s powerful tools for the information and workflow management utilities you need to maximize your point of sale assistant. Benefit from EMV integration, mobile support, and more.

Bars & Clubs

Fast service enhances the club experience for customers, and now you have convenient options at your fingertips to save time when entering orders, managing tabs, and preauthorizing cards.


Pizza shops have unique requirements, and you should rely on your digital POS consultant to assist you in meeting them. That’s why we recommend Bevo, which offers features like time-sensitive delivery, caller ID integration, and user-friendly driver assignment and mapping tools.

Quick Tip

38% of new business owners make the wrong choice when selecting a POS for their startup.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right POS System and Save You the Hassle!

BEVO Hardware Bundle

Features to grow your business.

  • Redundancy
    Networked independent terminals enable you to easily transfer stations as necessary, ensuring speedy transaction processing.
  • Mobile Processing
    Bevo’s responsive design and user-friendly interface make it convenient to use on the go, with wireless support.
  • PCI Compliant
    No worries, Bevo is fully PCI compliant.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
    Access key content easily and make informed decisions using the best available analytics.
  • Franchise Ready
    Whether you have one location, a small chain, or a national franchise with numerous locations, Bevo POS assistant is prepared to streamline your business operations.
  • Online Ordering
    Sync your menu with your website and establish effortless online ordering for your customers.
  • Performance Dashboard
    Easily check the top-grossing sales items or track the productivity of staff members for the current shift, week, month, and year!
  • Check Status
    Access real-time information on the status of all your checks, both present and past.
  • Credit Card Processing
    Utilize Bevo for processing and rely on POS Pro Advisors as your POS broker.

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