The Lavu POS

Explore user-friendly restaurant management solutions that streamline operations, empower staff, and enhance customer experiences.

Lavu POS

Discover easy-to-use restaurant management solutions to streamline your operations, empower your staff, and provide better customer experiences.

A Food Industry POS System

Full Service

Nightclubs, restaurants, breweries, and bars.

Quick Service

Cafes, fast/casual establishments, food trucks, and bakeries.


Enterprise restaurants and multi-store operations.


Multi-location or single pizzerias.

Quick Tip

38% of new business owners make the wrong choice when selecting a POS for their startup.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right POS System and Save You the Hassle!

Lavu Hardware Bundle

Created by restaurant owners.

  • Restaurant Table Maps
    Effortlessly monitor open tables, payment statuses, and orders using a customizable table map tailored to your restaurant’s layout.
  • Quick Select
    Discover the freshest items and latest menu choices effortlessly using the Quick Selector.
  • Kitchen Display System
    Link your point of sale manager to a spacious monitor to showcase kitchen orders effectively.

  • Customer Information
    Simplify your tasks by storing customers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers for easy access.

  • Customize Your Menu
    Efficiently handle your menu by offering highlights and summaries of each item, enabling your employees to provide recommendations at all times.

  • Happy Hour
    Set discounted prices automatically based on the specified times of day.

  • Pizza Features
    Utilize the integrated pizza builder to create a wide variety of pizzas specifically designed for pizza restaurants.

  • Language Options
    Customize your Lavu system with a range of language options to suit your needs.

  • Online Ordering
    Synchronize your menu with your website and establish seamless online ordering for your customers.

  • Offline Mode
    Take orders without relying on internet service. With offline mode, you can ensure data integrity and never lose valuable information.

  • Create Tabs
    Authorize specific customers in advance to open tabs throughout the evening.

  • Reporting
    Analyze inventory, sales, and labor data to generate comprehensive reports.

  • Set Permissions
    Control access to settings and features of your Lavu system by configuring permissions for different users.

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