With Clover’s versatile range of devices and built-in dining solutions, whether you’re managing operations tableside or curbside, you have the tools to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Whether you’re running your restaurant operations tableside or curbside, Clover’s wide range of devices and built-in dining solutions give you the tools you need to keep customers coming back.

Clover for E-Commerce

A Seamless Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Solution

Boost staff efficiency with a cutting-edge mobile iPad POS system. By carrying the device, you can streamline order management, bill splitting, payment processing, and seating tracking without wasting time moving to a stationary POS system. Customize TouchBistro to suit your needs by creating staff profiles, editing menu items, and arranging your floor plan.

A Seamless Solution for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Increase staff efficiency with a novel POS system available through a mobile iPad. By carrying the device, efficiency is increased. Managing orders, splitting bills, taking payments and keeping track of seating is done without wasting time walking back and forth to a stationary POS system. Customize TouchBistro to your liking by creating staff profiles, editing menu items and arranging a floor plan.

Easily Serve Your Customers

Effortlessly manage rush hours with a reliable retail POS system. Process customer payments quickly and seamlessly with its functional and intuitive POS module. Enjoy convenient features like general ledger, purchase orders, and payroll accounting to swiftly resolve financial matters and ensure customer satisfaction. Advanced security measures safeguard your business from hackers and viruses, providing peace of mind.

Serve Your Customers With Ease

A quality retail POS makes managing rush hour easy. Processing customer payments is done in a snap with a POS module that is functional and intuitive. Included features such as general ledger, purchase orders and payroll accounting give you everything you need to quickly resolve financial problems and keep your guests coming back for more. Advanced security protects your business from hackers and viruses.

Beat Rush Hour

Elevate your food establishment with SmartSwipe, the smart way to work. Seamlessly integrate cell phone technology into your operations, enabling your employees to accept credit card and debit payments via an iPhone or iPad. With an intuitive and user-friendly platform, capturing signatures, adding tips, and sending receipts becomes effortless. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this device, which is as safe and reliable as a stationary machine, setting new standards in convenience and effectiveness.

Conquer Rush Hour

Work the smart way. SmartSwipe takes your food establishment to the next level by integrating it with cell phone technology. Your employees can now accept credit card and debit payments through an iPhone or iPad. Capturing signatures, adding tips and sending receipts is a breeze with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. As safe and reliable as a stationary machine, the convenience and efficiency of this device is second to none.

Start Accepting Credit Cards Today

  • 24 Hour Support from US-Based Experts

  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Zero-Cost Credit Card Processing
  • Fast Next-Day Deposits
  • Convenient Tableside Payment
  • Zero Cancelation Fees
  • Integrate with QuickBooks
  • Accept Apple & Google Pay

Accept Credit Cards Today

  • US Based 24/7 Support
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • No Cost Credit Card Processing
  • Next Day Deposits
  • Pay At The Table
  • No Cancelation Fee
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Apple & Google Pay

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