The Linga POS

Experience the robust capabilities of our cloud-based platform with a user-friendly interface that can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements. Request a personalized quote from us today.

Linga POS

A powerful cloud-based platform and a user-friendly interface that is fully customizable to your exact specifications. Let us send you a personalized quote today.

The food industry’s dedicated digital POS consultant.

Full Service

Utilize the Full Service build designed specifically for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and breweries.

Quick Service

This setup provides fast and powerful processing tailored for your food truck, cart, café, or bakery.


Multiple options available for businesses with multiple storefronts.


Tailored setup specifically designed to cater to both single-store and multi-store pizzerias.

Quick Tip

38% of new business owners make the wrong choice when selecting a POS for their startup.

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Linga Hardware Bundle

Features to grow your business.

  • Offline Support
    With Linga POS, you can conveniently swipe cards even when offline, and the payment processing will be queued until a server connection is available.

  • Split Checks
    A simple, easy-to-learn feature integrated directly into your point of sale assistant.

  • Use Modifiers
    Linga POS enables you to create variants and allows customers to customize dishes. It supports the inclusion of mandatory and optional modifier queries.

  • Advanced Display
    Utilize the kitchen display system to minimize paper waste from printed receipts and keep your staff informed about order modifications and wait times.

  • Build Reports
    With the Linga dashboard, you have the capability to create personalized reports for monitoring inventory, sales, credit receipts, and various other metrics.

  • Payroll Reporting
    Utilize time tracking software to accurately record employee hours and effortlessly calculate payroll costs within your POS system. This integration enables you to generate clear and concise reports that streamline the payroll process.

  • Wireless Data Collection
    By leveraging Wi-Fi connectivity, the Linga POS system gathers valuable customer information and other identifiers, enabling you to effectively track your regular customers and gain valuable insights into business trends.

  • Custom Enterprise Reports
    Efficiently manage your business enterprise, regardless of its size, by effortlessly collecting, collating, and comparing information from various sales events, stores, or organizational units. Simplify the process of organizing and analyzing data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

  • Multilingual
    Our multilingual, multi-currency interface supports over 30 languages, enabling seamless communication and transactions in different currencies. This inclusive feature caters to a diverse customer base and ensures a global reach.

  • By the Slice Orders
    Empower customers with full control over pizza orders through our customizable pizza-by-the-slice feature. They can conveniently build their desired pie on the screen, selecting toppings, crust type, and other preferences to their liking.

  • Insights
    Set up alerts in your POS system for real-time notifications on voids, returns, and critical events. Stay informed about your business’s performance and stay on top of important operational aspects with proactive insights from your POS.

  • Custom Permissions
    Secure your records with role definitions that restrict access to sensitive areas based on your specifications. Customize roles to match your staff hierarchy, effectively protecting confidential information and ensuring data security.

  • Compare Inventory Levels
    Optimize inventory management with specialized reports that calculate the cost of holding inventory over time. Analyze data to find the ideal balance for staple items, make informed decisions, and ensure optimal stock levels.

  • Daily Sales Reporting
    Linga generates daily reports from transaction data to identify trends, plan for slower periods, and create targeted promotions. These reports offer valuable insights for informed decision-making and business growth.

  • Sell Gift Cards
    Effortlessly accept and sell gift cards using Linga POS, boosting sales and enhancing the customer experience with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process and encourages upselling.

  • Discounts and Gratuities
    Simplify happy hour management with cost adjustments and automatic gratuity calculations at the touch of a button in the Linga POS system.

  • Table Management
    Utilize this tool to effortlessly manage orders and seating, ensuring your staff stays organized and providing exceptional service to your customers.

  • Track Tabs
    Efficiently track and manage multiple bar tabs from a single interface, eliminating concerns about losing track of customer tabs.

  • Printer Customization
    Customize your receipts to convey the right message to your customers by including server names, table numbers, or custom messages.

  • IoT Control
    Monitor your business with Nest security cameras, whether you’re on-site or not, ensuring constant surveillance and peace of mind.

  • Improved Inventory Sorting
    Efficiently track ingredient-level inventory and adapt menu prices based on cost fluctuations using advanced features of your point-of-sale assistant.

  • Analyze Menu Item Costs
    Optimize your data analytics and maximize inventory management with the menu analyzer feature. Identify your most profitable and best-selling items, taking your business to the next level.

  • Build Customer Loyalty
    Boost your sales by cultivating customer loyalty through personalized rewards and enticing discounts. Utilize Linga to effortlessly set up and administer your own loyalty program, tailored to your specific preferences and business needs.

  • Multi-Store Management Features
    Effortlessly oversee multiple stores or restaurants through a centralized administrative control. Utilize the simple backend comparison features to gain valuable insights into the performance differences among each store.

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